At the break of the dawn when the landscape is shrouded in a mist with an undeniable nip in the air, dew will plop and drip from every leaf around you. You are at the doorstep of the great rain forest of Sinharaja, a world heritage site. Nadun Uyana belongs to typical rural wet zone Sri Lankan countryside with sweet palm trees dominating the vegetation. Sweet palm seeds invariably attract not only wild creatures such as civet cats and giant squirrels but seed-feeding birds of the dove and pigeon families. In no other place will you find such large numbers of green imperial pigeon feeding so gaily as at Nadun Uyana. There are numerous fruit trees growing the garden from durian and jak to bread fruit, brought by the seafaring Portuguese and The Dutch from Batavia four centuries ago. You’ll find fruit-eating birds flocking in numbers to these numerous trees during the fruiting season, making the garden an absolute bird-watcher’s paradise. The giant Nadun trees of Nadun Uyana hovering over the bungalow in a great canopy are a noticeable rarity in the Sri Lankan rural landscape nowadays. The way the aging massive tNadun runks blend with the undergrowth of low-country tea is even more fascinating to behold.

Nadun is one of the finest woods found in the Island for furniture making. It is as valuable and rare as ebony; the Dutch of the 16th century used no other wood other than these two types for their famous wood craft before the English introduced Burma teak.

You will be enchanted by the lush landscape alive with birds and animals surrounding this lovely plantation bungalow.