• Fauna & Flora

    Fauna & Flora The five acre forest garden surrounding the Far Cry bungalow is home to myriad species of fauna and flora. This enchanting place is the outcome of the painstaking transformation back to nature of an abandoned chena covered in thorny scrub. A creatively designed network of trails give[…]

  • In And Around Habarana

    In and Around Habarana Habarana, the closest town to Far Cry, is the gateway to the Ancient Cities and Wild Life Parks of the North-Central province of Sri Lanka. If you are inclined to venture further afield from our green paradise, you will have many fascinating destinations to choose from:[…]

  • Farcry Journal

    FarCry Journal 6.00 am: A puff of sweet scented air, carrying with it the secrets of the untouched forest, wafts across the gigantic teak beams of the bungalow and a new day has begun most auspiciously at “Far Cry”. Drowsily undecided whether to luxuriate in bed for a while longer,[…]